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With a legacy spanning over two decades within our beloved Sisterhood, LaTisha Brandon embodies the essence of service, action, and inclusive leadership. Her journey has been marked by impactful roles, reflecting exceptional versatility at local, regional, and international levels. Notable positions include serving as the Centennial Southwestern Region Undergraduate Chapter Coordinator, Southwestern Region Epistoleus, Southwestern Region Elections Chair, Lambda Upsilon Sigma Alumnae Chapter Basileus, and co-chairing the Marketing & Communications Committee of the Going for Sigma Gold Strategic Planning Team.

Now, LaTisha aspires to extend her unwavering commitment to the Sisterhood by vying to serve as the 23rd Syntaktes of the Southwestern Region. Her transformative platform, "Building Together: One Sisterhood United in Service," serves as a guiding light, encapsulating not only progress, empowerment, and community collaboration but also a collective dedication to fortifying the bonds that define our Sisterhood.

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